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John Hager

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09/28/18 07:53 PM #1    

David Langdon

John died in 1967. I had known John for only a few months before his life, and our friendship, ended suddenly and terribly. The longer the years, the less important it seems whether he died before or after the graduation ceremony. He was proud of documenting with his camera our basketball teams and parades. He should be listed with us as the proportion of our class "not here in person" grows.

09/29/18 08:56 AM #2    

Anthony (Tony) Moran

Thank you, David!  For posting the information about John Hager on our web site.  I did not know John.  If, you find anymore of our classmates, please let us know.  Your fellow classmate of 68, Tony Moran, Team68






09/29/18 09:23 AM #3    

Bonnie Hagerman

Thank you, David, for remembering John and your friendship with him.  We were in the same home room, and I was thinking about him at our reunion.  He should be included with the classmates we have lost, so I will add him to the next version of the In Memoriam board.

09/29/18 09:30 AM #4    

Bonnie Hagerman

John is listed in the Memory section of this website.  It was an oversight on my part for not including him.  I have made the correction.  Thank you for pointing this out.

09/30/18 08:36 AM #5    

Gayle Stapleton (Mossop)

I met John not long before his life ended. We talked in the lunchroom, mostly. Talked of photography and our basketball team,love,life and relationships. He introduced me to the (Rolling) Stones with the 45 "As Tears Go By".I still have that record. Every time I listen to it, I remember John. How sweet, tender, funny as serious he was. He is missed greatly.

09/30/18 09:11 AM #6    

Jeanette DeVore

Bonnie - You did not overlook John Hager's entry on our web-site's In Memory page.  It wasn't there until David Langdon asked to have it added, honoring a classmate who unfortunately died before he was able to graduate from high school.     Jeanette 

10/01/18 07:39 AM #7    

George Wilson

Thanks to Jeanette DeVore for adding John's information to the class site, and thanks to David Langdon for contacting the administrators to address the oversight, Dave and I reconnected at our 50th reunion and spent a good deal of time discussing the fact that John was not on the site as well as the events that took place on the day of his death. We were both with him  on that day, but our memories have grown dim with the passage of time and we had somewhat diffrent recollections of some of the events of that day. Regardless of that, his death was a tragedy and his parents had to perform the awful task of burying a child, something which goes against our conception of the natrural order of things; and more heart wrenching than I can imagine. In reading the memories which have already been entered, it refreshed my memory of John's pasion for photography. It's funny how 50 years can seem like so long ago and only just a moment away all at the same time. It saddens me that John naver got to experience that truth.

10/01/18 08:00 AM #8    

Anthony (Tony) Moran

Hello Our Fellow Classmates of 68!   I did somemore research on John..  He was born on 23 Jan 1950 and passed away on 26 Mar 1967.  He is buried at Old Union Cementery, Huntington, IN.  Here is his headstone and I did not list the plot number for you, sorry.  Please keep his family in all of your prayers.  He is not forgotten.  Your Fellow Classmate of 68.  Tony Moran, Team68




10/01/18 09:41 AM #9    

David Langdon

Wow, Tony. That's initiative. Thank you.

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