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Todd Welsh

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01/26/20 08:39 PM #1    

Anthony (Tony) Moran

Todd, i will miss you very, very much!   I was your Best Man at yours and Pam's Wedding!  We shared alot of good times together over many, many years!  We have been very good friends since 9th Grade at Weisser Park Junior High School and South Side.


I will miss you very dearly along with your many friends , that you have known in life!

Your Fellow Classmate of 68!

And Best Friend!


Tony Moran, Team68

01/27/20 01:03 PM #2    

Tyla Hinshaw (Jones)

My deepest Sympathy goes out to you Pam at your time of loss.  I know exactly what you are going through when you loose the Man in your life.  I only knew Todd through going to South Side with him, but I know that he was a Good, Kind and Fun loving guy,  He will be deeply missed.  I will keep you in my Thoughts and Prayers.  I know that God has added another Angel to his Choir Upstairs.

Again, Sorry for your Loss.

South Side High Classmate - Classs of '68'

Tyla Lea Hinshaw Jones

01/27/20 07:31 PM #3    

Mark Jared Smith

My condolences to Todd and his family. It is tough losing someone you care for, yet it is heavens gain to be in the presence of our Lord. Rest In Peace Todd.


02/06/20 11:39 AM #4    

Anthony (Tony) Moran

Our Best Friends!             2/7/2020


Our, First Best Friend is Our Heavenly Father!


Our, Second Best Friend is our Wives, Children, Grandchildren and Friends!


My Third Best Friend is Todd J Welsh (TJ), His wife, family and friends called him!


This reminds me of Bible song: What a Friend We Have in Jesus”!  And, if you do not mind,  I would like to sing it for you.  If, you know it, please sing along.


Now, I want to let you all know that, I thank God for all of Our Friends!   And, that He allowed me to get to know Todd back in the Fall of 1964, which was at Weisser Park Junior High School.  We sat together in Mr. Kline’s Homeroom (Room 222) and our first class, which was Earth Science.  Todd and I sat at the same double table the entire year.

Sometimes, we had a very hard time NOT to laugh at our teacher!  He would pick his nose and play with the object and, then put it in his pocket!  We thought maybe he was saving it for later! 

We also had Gym, English Shop and History classes together.  In Gym, we would choose each other to work out together, and as a result became friends. 

Our Shop teacher introduced us to His Woody Friend, which was about 3 feet long and had several holes drilled in it.  He told us that we would not want to meet it under any circumstances!  If, we did, it would leave us with circles for reminders.

Todd and I were introduced to Wrestling by Mr. Bob Lehman.

We had our favorite Donut Shop across the street.  So, Todd or I would meet their almost every day.  If, I remember correctly Hunhaus Bakery.  Boy, did we love them before school!

Todd assisted me to bring home a Full Size Basketball Backboard.  We worked on this together as a Team Project in Wood Shop.  Thank God!  It was made out of Bass Wood!  We carried it for over 6 miles to my house.  Of course, we stopped and rested as often as possible.

During this time Todd introduced me to his family.  Mr. Howard and Phyllis Welsh.  And, his sister Wendy and Linda.  They were soon to become my home away from home. 

Todd had a friend down the street from him, that own and started a company. It insured Race Car Drivers and Teams.  K & K Insurance Company on Holton Ave.  Todd would invite me over to watch racecar wreck film.  Ones that were ok for us to watch and have popcorn and pop.

Then, we both were classmates at South Side High School, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We were there from the Fall of 1965 to June 1968.  We did a lot of things together after school and on weekends.  I do not recall if Todd and I were in any classes together.  Every morning, we would walk the halls and ramps together with more of our friends.  We enjoyed football, basketball, wrestling and a few after school clubs.  The Fall of 1967, has great memories for us because South Side went to the State Basketball Finals.  We were involved in making the hallways, cars and local businesses all decorated for this trip to Indianapolis, Indiana.

Then after graduation, He seen me off to the Air Force Basic Training and, he met me when I returned.  I can remember that he liked to go to the Baer Field Raceway with myself and Larry Raber, and other friends.  We would BOMB around all of the Drive In   Restaurants. Todd loved to go to Komet Hockey games.

I can still remember Todd’s first car.  Boy, He was very proud of it!  It was a 1972 Chevy Nova, two door and a pretty light/dark brown color. 

Todd worked with me at Mark’s Garden Shoppe.  Boy, mowing 20 – 30 lawns per day by hand!  The minimum wage was 1.25 per hour.  At that time, that was a lot for Todd and I.

Todd’s first real job was at Fruehauf Trailer Company which he worked in maintenance.    He also worked at Food Marketing.  And, then Todd replaced his father at First Presbyterian Church in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

A very special trip to Cedar Point which was Todd and Pam’s first big date.  We all enjoyed the entertainment and discussions.  On the way back, we got lost and followed US 20 all the way back to La Grange, Indiana and found US 9 South.  I forgot to bring a map!  No GPS way back then! 

Then, the Bells rang for a very Loving Couple!  Todd and Pam!  I was asked to be his Best Man!  The other big item, we always joked and talked about was Pam’s very Special Wheelbarrow ride!  Oops!  Maybe, Pam can share this with all of us, later.  I can remember many good times that all of us share with them.

Well, now it is Nicole turn!  I can remember helping out with very special Court Papers to help Todd and Pam with their very special daughter.

I had a Big Void in my life for about 30 years without seeing or talking to Todd.  And, then one day at Wal-Mart at Apple Glen, I saw someone that looked like my Best Friend.  Wow!  It was a Great Reunion.  And, ever since, we have restored our missing void.

Now, I am glad that this happened because I have become even closer to my Best Friend.  Since, Todd was in and out of many places, Pam made sure, she let me know what and where he was at. 

Todd loved his dogs very much!  Their names are Jack and Bernie.  Todd had me take him over to visit as much as was possible with a special van.  Todd made a mutual friend named RockieRockie and his wife allowed us to use their special van to go see Bernie!  What a smile did that bring to Todd’s face!

Todd, I am glad that you allowed me as one of your Best Friends!

The last four days that I was with Todd at his bedside.  God allowed me, to share, The Our Father, Amazing Grace, Verbal Communion and read the newspaper to him. 

I will always remember that Todd called me, “ A Trooper !”.


Now, along with his Family, Friends, Co-workers!

I say, “Goodbye, My Friend”!  Todd (TJ)

Thank you all for allowing me to share a few moments with you about Todd!


Hymn # 435   What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Written By:  Joseph M Scriven & Charles C Converse

Typed By:  Tony and Penni Moran   10/29/2018


  1.  What a Friend we have in Jesus, All our sins and griefs to bear!

 What a priv-i-lege to car-ry Ev-ery-thing to God in prayer!      O what peace we of-ten for-feit,  O what need-less pain we bear, All be-cause we do not car-ry Ev-ery-thing to God in prayer!

  1.  Have we tri-als and temp-ta-tions?  Is there trou-ble an-y-where?  We should nev-er be dis-cour-aged, Take it to the Lord in prayer.  Can we find a friend so faith-ful Who will all our sor-rows share?  Je-sus knows our ev-ery weak-ness, Take it to the Lord in prayer.
  2. Are we weak and heav-y la_den, Cum-bered with a load of care?  Pre-cious Sav-ior, still our Ref-uge—Take it to the Lord in prayer.  Do thy friends de-spise, for-sake thee?  Take it to the Lord in prayer; In His arms He’ll take and shield thee, Thou wilt find a sol-ace there.

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