In Memory

Steve O'Neal

Deceased Classmate: STEVEN CLIFFORD O NEAL
Date Of Birth: August-1-1950
Date Deceased: June-30-1971
Age at Death: 20
Cause of Death: Killed in Action - Vietnam War
Classmate City: 
Classmate State: 
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: Yes Army
Survived By: 

I knew that Steve had made the supreme sacrifice in Vietnam, but was reluctant to provide this information. If it is known and verified, our deceased classmates are removed from the class roster in the Alumni Directory. This is an injustice to their memory. Here is information from the online Vietnam Wall Memorial: STEVEN CLIFFORD O NEAL Army - SP4 - E4 Age: 20 Race: Caucasian Sex: Male Date of Birth Aug 1, 1950 From: FT WAYNE, IN Religion: PROTESTANT Marital Status: Single SP4 - E4 - Army - Selective Service 11th Light Infantry Brigade His tour began on Oct 14, 1970 Casualty was on Jun 30, 1971 In , SOUTH VIETNAM HOSTILE, GROUND CASUALTY EXPLOSIVE DEVICE Body was recovered Panel 03W - Line 95 

Information provided by John Tescula

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04/03/14 10:18 AM #1    

Courtney Atkinson

It's funny how I know your name, Steve O'Neal, however I can't place your face from my long-ago memory bank that you, unfortunately, never had the chance to experience. We have a lot in common.... we lived in Ft Wayne, we went to the same High School, maybe even shared a beer together at some stage.... maybe shared a lot of beers together back in those days.... and we both were residents of Viet Nam and members of the US Army. We grew old in the time we spent there.... sadly, it's where your future stopped and was robbed from you.

Steve, it makes me so sorry the US Government allowed good men to delete their lifelong happiness and  successful futures for evermore by sending us,  young Americans to their death.

Wherever you are, Steve.... even if they can't seem to place your face to your name.... you are now not, or ever will be, forgotten by ALL of us..... brothers and sisters of your memory.

God Bless you, Steve.


04/04/14 09:08 AM #2    

Kathleen Chaney (Chester)

..."removed from the class roster in the Alumni Directory."  Steve, your name (and others like you) should be at the top of the class roster!  Thank you for your ultimate sacrifice and thank you, Courtney Atkinson, for your beautifully written words and your service.


04/04/14 10:04 AM #3    

Anthony (Tony) Moran

Steve was a friend of mine and he worked with me at GE before going to Vietnam.  His Name is on The Wall in Washington and in the book listing the location on The Wall.  His gravesite is at Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne IN.  But, I do not know the site.


His Friend Also  Tony Moran

04/04/14 10:53 AM #4    

Laura Leffers (Bybee)

Beautifully said, classmates.

04/04/14 12:39 PM #5    

Kathy Azar (Hockman)

I remember you well Steve.  You and I sat next to each other in a class ... Can't recall which one all those years ago.  But you were shy at first... A bit quiet... But I thought you were a sweet funny guy.  I always looked forward to those've never left my heart.  When I heard you were taken by that war... I was very sad. Over the years... You and your family have missed out on so much. Some things are hard to understand... Losing you has never made sense.. But I guess God and the universe needed you. You have been missed.  You mattered.  And I am honored you were my friend.

04/04/14 01:03 PM #6    

Kathy Azar (Hockman)

And yes... Thank you Courtney.. And all of you who served. You are all very special.. My heros.

04/04/14 02:59 PM #7    

Connie Dibble (Hine)

Courtney, thank you for the powerful words and sad information about Steve.  This such an injustice and needs to be corrected.  Thank you again for sharing the information with the classmates of "68

09/12/17 09:30 AM #8    

John Hume

Steve was unloading an ammo truck when it took a direct hit from an rpg round.

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