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10/06/15 02:49 PM #32    


Larry Dray

So sorry to hear about the passing of Steve.  He lived down the street from me, across Oxford Street, if I remember correctly.  We exchanged emails a couple of years aga.  He was a good person.

10/06/15 08:19 PM #33    


Connie Coolman (Teeple)

So sorry to hear about Steve. I  have very fond memories of him in Jr High and at South Side

10/06/15 09:17 PM #34    


Evangelos (Angelo) Ioannou

Wow! I am also very sorry to hear about Steve's passing.

Many good memories of Steve during my junior high experiences.

Steve's smile stood out in a crowd.

My condolences to the family.

10/07/15 08:31 PM #35    


Philip Dodge (Dodge)

Sorry to hear of Steve's passing, condolences to his family. I remember him as an always smiling friendly guy. Rest in Peace Steve.

10/08/15 11:23 AM #36    


Mark Jared Smith

I am sorry to hear of Steves passing. My condolences to his family and friends in this time of grief and in this time of sadness at his loss. He was always cheerful and smiling when I passed him in the hallways at Southside. He had a greeting for all of whom he saw. Always a smile creasing his face with a friendly Hi.            Rest in peace my classmate.

You will be missed by all as time passes by.


10/08/15 08:00 PM #37    


James Oberley

I feel fortunate to have a talked with Steve at our last reunion. We had gone through some similar health problems and challenges .One of those Real guys who appreciated life. Rest in peace my friend. 

10/08/15 08:31 PM #38    


Patricia Burnside (Thompson)

Always a nice guy!

Pat Burnside Thompson

09/25/17 06:30 PM #39    


Kathy Azar (Hockman)

I just saw on Facebook that Courtney Atkinson passed away on September 23rd.  No other info.  very sad

09/27/17 12:36 AM #40    


John Hume

Courtney had cancer. I asked his friend on FB to send me his obituary when it was available so I could share it here and SS Alumni page so his classmate all can know of his passing.

09/27/17 01:11 PM #41    

Sandra Lipp (Bonsib)


This is the first time I've posted on this page. Reading about people who have passed away has really touched me. To those of you who are reading this, please plan on coming to our 50th Reunion! We are all survivors! I want to see you, to talk to you about what you've been doing, to talk to you about what your dreams still are (yes, we still have them) just touch base with you, to smile and give you a hug (if you want that). I'm so glad you're all here! It is sad that so many of us aren't. For those who can come to our reunion, please do! Put the date on your calendar (Sept. 22, 2018). Encourage other class members who you know to attend. Check out the missing classmates page to see if you know the contact info for anyone there. I would love to see as many of you as possible at our reunion -- those I've stayed in touch with and those I haven't, those I remember well and those I don't. We all have something in common...we graduated together, once we talked and worked and played and did some things we probably shouldn't have together! I want to see you all! 





09/27/17 01:14 PM #42    

Sandra Lipp (Bonsib)

P.S. My nephew (my sister's son), who was raised in Dallas, is married to Annie Bolman's neice. Annie's neice was raised in Minneapolis. She is Chip Bolman's daughter. They have a young daughter and a 2nd baby due in December.

P.P.S. If I knew how to post a picture, I would.

09/28/17 09:01 AM #43    


Jeanette DeVore

Sandy - Thanks for the lovely message in support of our 50th reunion reunion.  Yes, those of us who are lucky enough to still be here should celebrate that together!   I enjoyed learning that your nephew is married to Annie's neice.  I have a neice from North Carolina who served a residency under Chip in Minneapolis. Sometimes the stars align in interesting ways.  See you next year!   Jeanette (Jeannie) DeVore 



09/28/17 06:47 PM #44    


Sally Clarke (Anspach)

Yikes...50th reunion! Hope to see a great attendance!

09/29/17 04:41 PM #45    

William "Greg" Michell

There is a John Edward Rose, 1949-1979, who was buried in Highland Park Cmetery here in Fort Wayne.  His marker indicates Vietnam Veteran, PFC, United States Marine Corps.  This could be him, but not 100 per cent certain.  If I find more, I'll let you know.

Greg Michell

12/31/17 02:55 PM #46    


Kathy Azar (Hockman)

Does anyone know whatever happened to Henry Kelley?  He was in the 1967 yearbook...but nothing mentioned in the 1968 yearbook.  My crooked memory thinks he died in the car accident that took Ralston Craig..they were friends.....just wondered why he is truly missing on our site.....


01/01/18 08:54 AM #47    


John Hume

Richard Butler was driving the car. Contact him, I’m sure he could tell you.

01/02/18 06:33 PM #48    

Diane Galland (Sullivan)

If my memory serves me correctly, Henry Kelly was kill in Vietnam our senior year.


01/02/18 08:10 PM #49    


Mark Jared Smith

I checked the Vietnam War memorial. Henry Kelly was not listed.



01/03/18 02:50 PM #50    

William "Greg" Michell

A Henry David Kelley died from an auto accident on US 27 South on 31 Aug 1968.  He lived on Reed Street.  Very possibly this is the person of whom you speak.

Greg Michell


01/04/18 12:37 PM #51    


Kathy Azar (Hockman)

Tony... Henry Kelley is in the 1967 yearbook as a junior... i knew him and don’t remember him dropping out.

01/04/18 07:24 PM #52    

Diane Galland (Sullivan)

Kathy if you know how to contact Greg Peterson, him and Hednry were pretty good friends. He might know something about him.

01/05/18 01:31 PM #53    


Kathy Azar (Hockman)

Thx know where Greg Petersen ended up???  I found his sister Cynthia (also my friend)....and Greg went to Junior High with me...but...he's not in any of the South Side yearbooks....Yikes!  What happened to these guys???

01/05/18 09:18 PM #54    

Diane Galland (Sullivan)

Someone seemed to think Greg lives in Waynedale area.

08/16/18 04:26 AM #55    


John Hume

Anyone making reservations to stay at the Courtyard Marriott after the reunion?

06/28/19 02:35 PM #56    


Kathy Azar (Hockman)

I just saw on Facebook that Kerry Kaplan passed away yesterday.  

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